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J.W. Harris Stay Brite Lead-Free Solder 1/8″ 25# Spool


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The important advantage of Stay-Brite® solders is the greater strength of the overall component. After joining, its lower working temperature eliminates the weakening of the base metals caused by annealment from high brazing heat. The result is a stronger, more economical joint.


Stay-Brite® silver bearing solders have the same excellent affinity as SafetySilv® alloys for bonding with most of the ferrous and nonferrous alloys (including stainless steel, nickel, copper, brass, etc.) It provides a considerably higher than necessary elongation for sound dissimilar metal joints and vibration applications.


Stay-Brite® alloys range in temperature from 430°F to 535°F. Stay-Brite® solder eliminates oxide scale formed from brazing heat. No nitrogen purge is required for HVAC/R tubes. They are cadmium free and nontoxic. Stay-Brite® is a eutectic alloy with a single melting point of 430°F (221°C).




Package Size

25 lbs. Spool



Package Size



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