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J.W. Harris Safety-Silv 45T Tin-Bearing Silver Brazing Alloy 1/16″ Coil


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The Harris Products Group manufactures its complete line of cadmium-free, high silver brazing alloys with the same attention to quality found in their phosphorus/copper products. Only the purest metals are used. Precision production procedures ensure consistency in product quality and performance. Safety-Silv alloys are strongly recommended as replacements for all cadmium-bearing brazing filler metals.

Safety-Silv 45T is a tin-bearing silver brazing alloy which performs like a 45% silver, cadmium-bearing alloy, but is cadmium-free. It has a lower melting temperature than Safety-Silv 45 and excellent fillet-forming qualities. It produces high-strength ductile joints. NSF Certified to NSF 51.





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