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Purchase Cylinder

Purchase Price Includes: Cylinder + Gas + Fees


▪  Cylinder will come with valid DOT stamp, current hydrostatic test stamp, and a record of ownership.

▪  Cylinder appearance will vary and is not guaranteed to look new.

▪  Purchased cylinders may be exchanged or refilled at any gas supplier


Lease Cylinder

Lease Price Includes: A Full Cylinder + Maintenance Costs


▪  5 year lease length

▪  Early termination of the lease is available without additional charges.

▪  Leased cylinders can only be refilled/exchanged at a Toll location.

▪  Cylinder exchange/refills charges are not included in lease and will be charged at the time of exchange.

▪  Cylinder appearance will vary and is not guaranteed to look new.

▪  Leased cylinders must be returned at the end of the lease agreement or customer will be charged the replacement cost of the cylinder.


Exchange/Refill Cylinder

Price Includes: Gas + Fees


▪  Only cylinders owned by customer, rented or leased from Toll are eligible for exchange/refill.

▪  Empty cylinders can be exchanged for a full cylinder at store location.

▪  Exchanged tank will be of like gas and size.

▪  An additional hydrostatic test fee may apply on customer owned cylinders upon visual inspection.

▪  Cylinder appearance is not guaranteed to look new or be of similar condition as the cylinder that is exchanged.


Other Options Available In Store:


Rent Cylinder

Cylinders are available to rent daily, weekly, and monthly upon approved credit. Please contact us directly for details.


Cylinder Disposal

Cylinder disposal or recycling is available for common gases. We reserve the right to refuse any cylinder upon visual inspection.


Cylinders we will not accept for disposal include:

▪  Inhalation hazard

▪  Poisons

▪  Refrigerants

▪  Any cylinders with a missing label

▪  Uncommon cylinder sizes





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20CF Oxygen, 40CF Oxygen, 83CF Oxygen, 124CF Oxygen, 154CF Oxygen, 249CF Oxygen, 337CF Aviator Grade Oxygen, 337CF Oxygen

Pricing Options

Exchange Cylinder, Lease Cylinder, Purchase Cylinder


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