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TIG Finger


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You don’t have to  sacrifice your fingers for a pretty weld!

The Tig Finger® has become a welding industry standard, allowing welders to slide smoothly along hot metal, 

It’s like having a prop in your pocket! And trust me… It’s durable…You’ll most likely lose it before you wear it out.

Don’t buy into imitations. Trust the original Tig Finger Heat Shield®.

**Tig Finger® Heat Shield is 100% Asbestos free and 100% Awesome, hand-made right here in the USA.

·         Protects your finger from heat

·         Allows you to make long weld passes

·         Protects your welding gloves from becoming burned

·         Durable and fits on your existing welding glove

·         Perfect for the hobbyists or experienced welder






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